In Deed In Truth

Sexual Sin

Lust.  Flesh.  Carnal.  Sex.  These are words that carry a strong negative stigma to some while to others, it carries desire, cravings, and reinforcement of a way of life.  It is a thorn in the flesh for many, teenagers and adults, single and married alike.  Our moth-like tendencies are being drawn to the fleshly, lust driven flame.

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My Pride

One of the most difficult things I’ve had to deal with is comparing myself to others who have walked the same road that I have.  There are many people whom I admire and respect, those who have accomplished so many things, accomplishments that I hope to achieve some day, achievements that I can’t seem to wait to lay a hold of.

Then there are individuals who are walking the same path that I am currently.  It’s a hard-fought battle for me, not to see them as competition or adversaries, but rather teammates and comrades.  It’s a feeling of one-upmanship, being pushed to be greater, to do better, to do more than the next person.  In a capitalistic American society, this is the right mind-set, but in the area of ministry, one can be considered delusional.

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Ever wonder how anything ever gets done in this world?  Not specifically the world objectively, but our own personal world.  How do we truly measure our own productivity?  Is it by the size of our paychecks or the amount of critical praise received from our superiors?  Is it a personal barometer where a little voice inside of our heads tells us we’re doing a good job?

Half a world away and I’m considering the financial obligations I have left to pay.  When I worked full time to eke out a living for my family, I felt the LEAST productive.  I worked to earn a paycheck and immediately there was a standardized method for the allocation of funds.  Groceries, diapers, school loans, credit card bills, rent, and utilities.  Over and over again.  Once our second daughter came along, the expenses rose while the income stayed the same.  I was treading water every day.

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It is simply unbelievable, (yet believable) that there are those in this world who sincerely claim to be followers of Jesus Christ and believers in His Word and yet apply and teach it in only a way that bears subjective reasoning.  Too often have I read, heard, and seen of pastors, preachers, and other church leaders who claim that their revelation comes directly from God Himself.

News flash:  There is no longer any DIRECT REVELATION.

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Thoughts from a Christian

In the book of Acts, when Gamaliel addressed the council regarding the preaching of the apostle’s, he pointed out that if the preaching and plans were of men, it would be overthrown.  But if it came from God, it would not and cannot be overthrown, and therefore the apostle’s were to be left alone.  The plans of man is tempting and more easily acceptable.  We seek to place it into the hands of the one of whom we know will make the same decisions we would ourselves make.  We’d rather have it in our own hands rather than anyone elses.

When it’s finally time to place it in the hands of God and humbly give His plans precedence over ours, we still find many arguments justifying why it should remain in ours.  In the end, our plans will be found out when it is overthrown.

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It’s been awhile since the last post.  The latest scapegoat is the current transition of my family and I from the United States to the Philippines.  We sold or donated all of our belongings, moved out of our home, and uprooted from the only home that we’ve ever known, to a brand new one that demands our combined efforts to make INTO a home.  Difficult to say the least.

And to be quite honest, a large part of me wishes we were back in the US.  It’s still difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that we are now in a different country, serving and obeying the call of God to minister to the people here.  Normally, I would just throw myself into my work, but even that has been put on the back burner in order to ease myself and my family into this new life.

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