Ministry Updates

Also, you can download the pdf. version of our current/previous ministry updates by choosing one of the links below!  Thank you and God bless!

Update-November 2010

Update-October 2010

Update-September 2010

Update-August 2010

Update-July 2010


One response

24 10 2010
Jess Ball

I miss you guys so very much. And I have to tell you that the two of you are soo inspiring to me. Your monthly updates always make me tear up, but then to see you had the picture of me and Gina in this months totally made me cry. I wish I could come be the one there to help you with the kids, Gina and the new baby(Jessica Rose) hahaha, and to help with anything else I could. But unfortanatly I cant. I did ask Ben after ready oct update if we could move there but he said no. Some day we will come visit though. Maybe when the 5th kid is born Ill beable to be there and help you…lol…Anyways I miss you both very much and I will be sending you clothes for the kids within the next month. PLease let me know if I can send you anything else.

Love to all of you and thank you for all you do,

Jess Ball 🙂

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