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Our dear family and friends!                                                August 31, 2010

Yesterday was a national holiday here in the Philippines, so I took advantage of a free day to finish our August/September ministry update. August 30th is the birthday celebration of one of our national heroes, Andres Bonifacio. He was a founder and leader of the Katipunan movement which sought the independ­ence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule and started the Philippine Revolution


On Friday, August 27, ELIM TEKNON held its first Open House of the school year. It was “Linggo Ng Wika” which celebrates the Pilipino language. The presentations by the children were poems and songs in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. Picture above are the Kindergarten students singing “Ang Pipit,” a Philippine folksong about a bird similar to, but much smaller than, a sparrow. All the children looked adorable in their native dress!

Serving as the School Supervisor for ELIM TEKNON remains challenging, but enjoyable for me. The children really make it worthwhile and it’s especially gratifying to us to see how quickly these children have taken to speaking English only while they’re on school premises. It continues to be our prayer that, not only will they improve academically, but that all of these children and their families will come to know the Lord in a personal way. We covet your prayers for this exciting and important aspect of TEKNON’s ministry.


August 24, 26 & 28 was mid-term exam week at EL-TS. We are thankful to the Lord for bringing us this far in the school year. We are learning much from the subjects we are taking and those which we are teaching. The most important training that we are receiving here at the Seminary is the ability to correctly exegete God’s Word, as based on the original Hebrew and Greek languages, and not just using translations as our only sources since there are many errors made by translators.

We would like to share with you a familiar passage in Philippians to show what we are learning here at EL-TS regarding “rightly dividing the word of truth.” My thanks to Dan for his work on this—he’s becoming quite the exegete… May you be as blessed as we are by this exegesis of God’s Holy Word.

The Apostle Paul, in Philippians chapter 4:15-18 expresses his gratefulness to the Philippians. He especially remembered how they supported him during the time of his pioneering missionary work. When he went to Macedonia, only the church in Philippi gave towards his ministry. The Philippians were the only ones to support Paul, even when he was in Thessalonica. Through Epaphroditus, they again sent a gift to him.

In 2 Corinthians 8:1-5, Paul boasts about the Philippians as an example of the right kind of giving. He describes how they gave willingly, out of their own need, and they gave after first having given themselves to the Lord.

“Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account”

It is not the actual gifts received by the Apostle Paul which brought him joy, but the giving and the meaning of that giving. Paul wasn’t so much interested in the gift on his own behalf, but in the fruit that abounds to their account. Their giving “increased” the fruit in their “account” before God.

This reflects one of the most important principles regarding giving in the Scriptures:  we are never the poorer for having given. God will never be our debtor, and we can never out-give God.

A sweet-smelling aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well pleasing to God:” Paul describes the gift of the Philippians in terms which remind us of sacrifices in the Old Testament which also cost the person bringing the sacrifice a lot. Bulls and rams didn’t come cheaply in that day.

We shouldn’t think that the Philippians were wealthy benefactors of Paul who could easily spare the money. As Paul described them in 2 Corinthians 8, it is plain that their giving was sacrificial. This promise meant something to them!

The promise:  Philippians 4:19But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

First of all, Apostle Paul declares “my God” which tells us about his God the way he knows Him. The God whom he preached, whom he served and lived for; the God whom he knows personally; the God who’s intimately related to him and the God whom he’s experienced through thick and thin, in lack and in abundance.

The only verb in this verse:  shall Supply (Gr. plhrow Plēroō) is in the future tense, active voice, indicative mood. Thus, God is the doer of the action—He shall supply. It is a simple statement of a fact and certainty; being in the indicative mood, it is an action that is definitely to occur. The future tense corresponds to the English future, and indicates a certain occurrence of an action or event which has not yet occurred. But, as promised, it will definitely occur.

Supply in Greek is plēroō which means to make full or to fill up. It simply means “to fill to the full measure.” The promise is to supply all your need. In this, the promise is both broad (all) and yet restricted (your need).

Need (Gr. xreia Chreia) means necessity, or such things one needs for sustenance. So, all our necessities, and all the things we need for sustenance will be filled to the full measure by our God.

The measure of God’s supply is staggering. It is according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Since there is no lack in God’s riches in glory, we should have full confidence and anticipate that there would be no lack in God’s supply.

In closing, let us take note, that this promise is made to the Philippians—those who had surrendered their finances and material possessions to God’s service, and who knew how to give with the right kind of heart.


Taken at TEKNON’s recent “Linggo ng Wika” program 

Some of you have been asking about my Dad, Dr. Gadiel T. Isidro. I am happy to report that the Lord continues to sustain and comfort him. I think he’s even busier now than he was when my mom was still alive… J He has his Bible studies with several local companies and he’s received requests to add a few more…He’s been traveling to Leyte – a 2 hr superferry ride – for various meetings/projects, often taking these trips alone. He still teaches 6 subjects at EL-TS and he has his Sunday morning worship service preaching responsibilities as well as teaching one of the adult Christian Education class. He will turn 78 in September and we thank God every day that he is still going strong and happy with his various ministries.


The Lord willing, by Friday, September 3rd, our son Justin, his wife Gina, along with their daughters Keilah (2) & Jaelyn (1) will be arriving in Cebu to help with the ministry here. The Lord graciously provided the funds to enable them to fly over on schedule and we are excited to see how the Lord will use them in building His kingdom here in Cebu. We would still greatly appreciate your prayers for them—for their adjustment to a new ministry, new surroundings, new responsibilities and that the Lord will enable those who have committed to supporting them to keep that commitment.As Dan already shared in his exegesis above, God will supply every need of those who gladly share in His ministry according to His riches in Christ Jesus! That’s an awesome thought! Photo taken by Ptr Jason Ricafranca during Jaelyn’s 1st birthday celebration 




JOSIAH turned 6 on August 16 and a week later, started 1st grade in the Glendora school district. He’s a happy, secure and well-adjusted child and we know he will excel in 1st grade, just like he did in Kindergarten._

JONAH, at 16 months, is the energizer bunny with a great sense of humor. He’s also very loving and protective of his younger sister, Bella.

BELLA is now 2 months old and thriving as the adored baby sister. At her 2 month check-up, she weighed in at 9 lbs, 12.8 oz and 23 inches long. At birth, she was 6 lbs 8.2 oz, 19.25 inches, so she’s developing very nicely. We can never thank God enough for these awesome blessings in our lives!!


Parents Joe & Erin have their hands full with 3 kids but are doing fine. They will be handling the EL Church-Pasadena ministry now that Justin will be in Cebu. Erin returns to her job in October.

Ashley and Phillip live just a few miles from Erin & Joe. Ashley is busy with her job as a respiratory therapist in 2 local hospitals. We are praying that God will provide her with a full-time position rather than the per diem work that she’s doing now. We covet your prayers for her also.

We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to share with you the latest regarding the Lord’s ministry here in Cebu. We are grateful for your willingness to read about the challenges & blessings of the work here. We remember you in prayer and, in turn, covet your prayers and support for us!

We remain humbly yours in our Lord’s service…


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